Businesses and The Community

Businesses and Community


  A BIG thanks to Altel Sound Systems for providing the PA Sound System for this upcoming event.

Business Name Motto Address Tel Contact E-mail \ Website Category Special
Africana Market An African and Carribean Experience 2375 Main St. 203-612-4309 Croline Bruce-Modey africanamarket@yahoo.com Retail Store  
Altel Sound Systems of CT, Inc.   2392 Main ST. 203-374-0162 Richard Braca sharylaltel@sbcglobal.net Retail Store  
Another Level Hair Salon We Make You Look Good At 2436 Main St. 203-366-0799 Karen May   Hair Salon $5 off coupon May 25 Expires May 31st.
Betty's Beauty Unisex   2635 Main St. 203-543-2252     Beauty Salon  
Boost Mobile       Andy      
City Supermarkets   2251 Main St. 203-612-4145        
Massi Fashion   2438 Main St. 203-224-8710 Cxornell   Retail Store 10% coupon to be made for customer - expires 6/25
Dental Office   2685 Main St.   Dr. Carlos Daniel   Dental  
DG Auto & Trailers   2295 Main St. 203.333.2470     Auto Repairs Full Service Auto Repairs & Trailer Sales
Dollar Garden              
Dominos Pizza The Pizza Delivery Experts 2308 Main St. 203-334-3030 Zahir Uddin     1 Lrg 1 topping pizza - $5.99 between 11 and 4 p.m. and $7.99 after 4 p.m.
Double P Custom Made Men's & Women's Attire 2474 Main St. 203-870-8319 Pauline   Tailor  
Dunkin Donuts              
El Tenampa   2382 Main St. 203-367-7022     Restaurant  
EV Music Shop   2381 Main Street 203-522-4112     Retail Store  
Facination Beauty Salon   2367 Main St. 203-522-9974   claudiamdesalas1991@yahoo.com Beauty Salon  
Family Podiatry Center   2409 Main Stree 203-334-6955 Dawn   Podiatry  
Family Tailor Shop All types of alternations 2624 Main St. 203-335-1118     Tailor Shop  
Favella Mexican Restaurant Grill   203-382-0228     Restaurant  
Footcare Associates Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 2320 Main Street 203-366-4506     Podiatry  
Fortified Records   2320 Main St. 203-551-4357     Music  
George's USA           Convenience Store  
Golden Hill Pawn Shop   2541 Main St. 203-333-2766        
Hair Spray   2626 Main St. 203-870-1270     Salon  
Howell's Jamaican Restuaran Specializing In Fine Jamaican Food   203-331-1147 Harris Howell   Restaurant  
Hustla's Ink   2527 Main St. 203-212-3970        
International Farmers Market   2298 Main St. 203-333-9499     Grocery Market  
JLP Tree Service   150 Charles St. 203-870-9359     Landscaping  
La Caquena Restaurant   2697 Main St. 203-384-2619 Michael Morales   Restaurant  
La Gran Placita Meat Market & Deli, LLC   2634 Main St.       Market  
L.U. and More, LLC   2320 Main St. 203-522-5010 Carmen Gonzalez www.liberiaChristianaUnidad.com Libray & Music  
Magic Nail Salon   2622 Main St. 203-368-9920     Nail Salon  
Main Beauty Supply           Beauty Supply  
Main Convenience   2829 Main St. 203-366-9400     Convenience Store  
Metro PCS     203-600-0001 Moe   Wireless  
Mommy's Patties   2523 Main St.          
Nana Jackie in Sage Graden   397 Charles St. 718-798-5718 Jacquelyn Cauthen   Education  
New Colony II Diner   2321 Main St.       Restaurant  
New England Uniform   2295 Main St. 203-333-2470 George Andriotis www.dgauto.com Retail Store  
New Era Barbershop   2533 Main St.       Barbershop  
Nick's Diner   2357 Main St. 203-384-9535 Nick Pozoukidis eleni75@retroder.com Diner Whiting fish eggs/Grits $10.75 "Southern Style" We are the best in town…
Odalia's Fashion   2490 Main Street 203-997-8612 Lorena Falconi   Tailor  
Taino Food Market LLC   2434 Main Street 203-382-9522 Edgar   Grocery  
Pappa Johns           Restaurant  
Park City Liquidators   2412 Main St. 203-336-7224     Retail Store  
Pit Package Store   2312 Main St.          
Fonda Mexicana   2430 Main St. 203-908-4866     Restuarant  
Pure Martial Arts Fitness Academy, Inc. "A Winner Never Quits and A Quitter Never Wins" 2338 Main St. 203-368-0773 Greta Brown www.puremartialarts.com Karate  
Sandros Home Decorating   2320 Main St. 203-335-4684 Sandro Pizzicarola   Home Decorating  
Shandal's Vegetarian Café "Eat Healthy For A Change" 520 Capitol Avenue 203-345-8903     Restaurant  
Sorrento Importing   2487 Main St.          
St. Vincent's Behavioral Health Services   2400 Main Street 203-362-3900 Maria Sullivan www.stvincentsbehavioralhealth.org Mental Health  
Sweety Nails   2537 Main St. 203-549-9888     Nail Salon  
Terra's Market Brazilian Meat and Groceries Market 2428 Main Street 203-334-5807     Market  
    2320 Main St. 203-502-1081     Barber Shop  
Tony's Smoke Shop   2738 Main St.       Convenience Store  
Tu Amigo Express   2432 Main St. 203-873-0232 Ana 243-3012      
Variedades Glorilucy's   2390 Main St. 203-366-6602 Lucy Polly   Western Union Billing Payments\Western Union\Cell Payments
Vivian F. Adams   Monroe, CT 06468 203-556-5558   zumbafest@gmail.com Clothing  
Sage Garden   397 Charles St. 718-798-5718   jackiecauthen@gmail.com Education  
City Super Markets   2251 Mian St. 203-275-8485   citymarket.corona@gmail.com Supermarket We do free delivery.  We have international products, hot food everyday.  We accept wic. EBT, and we have moneygram services.  Come visit us @ 2251 Main Street a few blocks from St. Vincent Hospital


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