Purpose and Mission

The Mission



Children are the future of any society.  They will become the leaders, builders, protectors, and caretakers of our communities.  There is a direct cause and effect relationship from what we feed them physically and mentally to how our communities survive and flourish to how they may die and plummet.

The mission of this effort and collaboration of businesses and the community has 3 major components. 

  • The first is to provide an activity that is designed with the safety and education of our kids in mind all while keeping it exciting and fun.
  • The second is to bring awareness to the many businesses and leaders that are in our community and the great products and services that they bring to us.
  • The last but not the least is to develop the harmony of a community working together to maintain and nurture the peaceful, prosperous, and safe coexistence for all members in the community.


Businesses and the Community coming together to achieve  common goals.


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